Bi-Fold One

Bi-Fold One
210C-BI-FOLD-ONE-®-AIR_2-200x150 Bi-Fold One
no-image Bi-Fold One
Bi-Fold One

Living space of these days is getting smaller and smaller, in some ways it might be an obstruction for better room designs. With Vitally’s Aluminium Bi-Fold One, you are able to have more space and even add more colors to your room.


Bi-Fold One Common Features :

  1. Frame Colour : Powder Coating White / Powder Coating Brown / Natural Anodised (Silver)
  2. Handle allowing ventilation
  3. Comes with TOP & SIDE D.I.Y. Nut for easy installation
  4. TUV-tested & proven: 100,000 times opening & closing cycle test


Bi-Fold One ® Air

  1. Trackless (barrier-free pathway)
  2. Reduce cleaning hassle
  3. PATENTED Detachable Top Track
  4. Duo Suspended Roller
  5. Door withstand up to 20kgs


Bi-Fold One ® Pro

  1. PATENTED Detachable Top Track
  2. Duo Suspended Roller
  3. Comes with Cloth Hanger
  4. Door withstand up to 20kgs


Bi-Fold One ® Lite

  1. Stainless Steel Bottom Track Guide Roller
  2. Comes with Cloth Hanger
  3. Door withstand up to 15kgs


Looking for more technical details at Bi-Fold Series Issue 02 & graphic code at Eco Art Panel Vol.5.


Price: MYR0.00


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