Q1: What is the benefit of using Aluminium door than the other?
Q2: I have bad experience with noisy Aluminium Door previously, will your Bi-Fold Door noisy when sliding?
Q3: Can I make my purchase directly from you?
Q4: I would like to install a door for my house, do you provide installation services?
Q5: Which one is the best? Bi-Fold door? Sliding door? Or Swing door?
Q6: How much is your door cost?
Q7: Do you provide any warranty for your panel? Will colour fade over certain period of time?
Q8: For spare parts wear and tear, will you provide replacement spare part?
Q9: How long is the lead time from order confirmation to installation?
Maintenance and Care
Q10: How should I maintain and care for my Aluminium Door?
Q11: How should I maintain my Bi-Fold Door?
Q12: How should I care for the Insect Screen?