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Bi-fold-door_cover_01-150x150 e-Catalogue


Looking for idea for Bi-Fold Door ? Browse through the catalogue now.

Kitchen-Cabinet-08_King-Lin_op-300x202 e-Catalogue

Vitally Kitchen Issue 01

Vitally Kitchen – Innovative cabinets incorporating technology!

Aerolite-Cover-212x300 e-Catalogue

Aerolite Panel Leaflet Issue 01

Let’s add a stamp of uniqueness to your all-important space!

ASD-100_Cover-300x300 e-Catalogue

Aerolite Colour Chart (4’x4′) Issue 01

Explore in wide range of realistic Aerolite Panel selection.

Cover_ECO-ART-PANEL-VOL-08-300x300 e-Catalogue

Eco Art Panel Vol.8

Get inspired from 394 fantastic designs!

34-The-EcoTimes-issue-08 e-Catalogue

The Eco Times VIII

Bursting with latest new designs!

32-ECO-ART-PANEL-VOL-07-300x300 e-Catalogue

Eco Art Panel Vol.7

Delight yourself from the 388 new designs here!

31-The-EcoTimes-issue-07-300x300 e-Catalogue

The Eco Times VII

Get access to selected 98 designs of Eco Art Panel Vol.7!

30-SSD-BRO01-1701_Sliding-Swing-Door-Issue01-300x300 e-Catalogue

Sliding & Swing Door Issue 1

Why settle with conventional?
Let’s give your rooms a dramatic and distinctive look.

28-SEC-BRO02-1613_Shower-Enclosure-Issue02-300x300 e-Catalogue

Shower Enclosure Issue 02

Explore options for your own beautiful & fun shower experience.

29-CDB-BRO01-1615_Cabinet-Drawer-Issue01-300x300 e-Catalogue

Cabinet & Drawer Issue 01

The style you choose is a reflection of your personality.
LIVE with your own style!

26-eco-Art-Panel-Vol-6-300x300 e-Catalogue

Eco Art Panel Vol.6

Keep yourself posted with 380 new designs here!

27-The-ecoTimes-06-300x300 e-Catalogue

The Eco Times VI

Get access to selected 112 designs of Eco Art Panel Vol.6!

22-BI-FOLD-DOOR-ISSUE-2-300x300 e-Catalogue

Bi-Fold Door Series Issue 02

Find our latest Bi-Fold Door AIR series here!

21-SWING-SLIDING-LEAFLET-ISSUE-1-e1447315219208 e-Catalogue

Swing and Sliding Door Series

Discover our new Swing Door and Sliding Door series here!

20-The-Eco-Times-V-300x300 e-Catalogue

The Eco Times V

Express eco Art Panel designs of Eco Art Panel Vol.5!

19-Bi-Fold-Series-Issue-01-300x300 e-Catalogue

Bi Fold Series Issue 01

Discover our updated Bi-Fold Doors range here!

18-ECO-Art-Panel_Vol5-300x300 e-Catalogue

Eco Art Panel Vol.5

Find our latest eco Art Panel designs for your sweet home’s new art piece!

17-FLEXI-CUBE-Vol-02-300x300 e-Catalogue

Flexicube Vol.2

Discover new series of Aluminium Storage Solution for your sweet home!

Aluminium-Ideas e-Catalogue

Aluminium Ideas

Download this Exhibition brochure for our latest product ranges summary.

FLEXI-CUBE-Vol.01 e-Catalogue

Flexicube Vol.1

Try our FLEXICUBE – your perfect solution for aluminium shoe cabinet and aluminium wall cabinet.

Aluminium-Product-Vol4 e-Catalogue

Aluminium Product

Find out updated product catalogue and download for your easy reference.

14-Shower-Enclosure-2014-1 e-Catalogue

Shower Enclosure Collection 2014

Have you ever thought of a shower with personalized theme? Let elegant white speaks how modern and stylish your bathrooms? Tells you are fond of modesty and stability? Or to have a cozy and relaxing shower? Make your own decision today!

13-The-Eco-Times-4-1 e-Catalogue

The Eco Times IV (2014)

Find out the benefit and new designs for our Bi-Fold Door and Bi-Fold King today!

Eco-Art-Panel-Vol-3-(2013) e-Catalogue

Eco Art Panel Vol 3 (2013)

Still searching ideas for refining your Living Space?? May be our latest catalogue could help you. Eco Art Panel Vol 3 has been well organized into different design categories for Residential, Restaurant, Entertainment and Retail. Find your favourite design now!

11-Bi-Fold-King e-Catalogue

Bi-Fold King (2013)

Bi-Fold King is the new launched premium Bi-Fold Door to upgrade your home value. Download now!

Aluminium-Composite-Panel e-Catalogue

Aluminium Composite Panel

Discover more on our Aluminium Composite Panel and Composite Ventilator here.

Eco-Art-Panel-Vol-2-(2012) e-Catalogue

Eco Art Panel Vol 2 (2012)

Find out more and new designs of Eco Art Panel here.

08-The-Eco-Times-III e-Catalogue

The Eco Times III (2012)

Help our earth from Global Warming and preserve the environment by living GREEN. Besides, have a look at our latest innovative door profile for smooth and silent Swing & Sliding units.

06-The-Eco-Times-II e-Catalogue

The Eco Times II (2011)

Ecoscreen and ecopoly, panel that shows translucent and transparent effect.

06-The-Eco-Times-I e-Catalogue

The Eco Times I (2011)

Ecobonz, panel that gives opaque effect.

05-Shower-Screen-Collection e-Catalogue

2011 Shower Screen Collection

Showering is one of life’s most stimulating and pleasurable experience – make it more invigorating and exhilarating with our Eco Art Panel shower enclosure (ecopoly, ecoscreen, and ecobonz).

04-Eco-Woodgrain-Panel e-Catalogue

Eco Woodgrain Panel (2011)

Hope to own elegance of wood grain without worrying for termites and wood maintenance? Vitally woodgrain series may help you!

03-Eco-Art-Panel-Vol-1 e-Catalogue

Eco Art Panel Vol 1 (2011)

First ever in the market, Eco art panel that is 0% VOC UV Printing. Living healthier yet saving our mother earth.

02-Aluminium-Home-Products_Vol3 e-Catalogue

Aluminium Home Products (2011)

Aluminium Home Products is catalogue that comprised with detail product explanation and its functionality. Download now for in depth information.

01-Aluminium-Insect-Screen e-Catalogue

8000S Aluminium Insect Screen (2010)

With tropical climate in Malaysia and most SEA countries, mosquito and insect attack has always been an annoying and frustrating life issue, in worse case, it can be fatal. Equipped your sweet home and protect your dearest family with our protective insect screen to restrict annoying mosquito and insect attact. Find yourself the best suit amongst Retractable, Magnetic, or Folding unit.