Sliding Doors

Aluminium Suspended Sliding doors are perfect for space-saving when confined areas are to be divided into two space as it could be featured in front of a wall. Cleaning chores is hassle-free & barrier-free with the suspended sliding system.

Trackless sliding doors are the minimalists’ furniture dream design. Retaining functionality with a sleek look with minimal spatial impact, Vitally’s suspended sliding doors are a popular choice as a space divider. Our sliding doors are also especially useful as the space divider between Living Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen when applying Ecoscreen or Ecopoly panel to obtain translucent or transparent visual.

Our suspended sliding doors merge seamlessly to provide a clean and neat design. To ensure smooth operation, our doors come installed with heavy duty roller for effortless gliding. Cleaning is also made easier with a barrier-free approach. Make your space uniquely yours by choosing a design that is best suited to your interior design themes.

If you wish to know more about our trackless sliding doors, contact us today. At Vitally, we are more than glad to hear from you.