Aerolite Panel

Have you ever faced difficulties while choosing furniture pieces that form a cohesive interior design? Did you ever have to give up that classic wooden cabinet set just because it is unavailable in the colour that you desire? As high pressure laminate (HPL) panels suppliers, Vitally is here to change the way your surfaces are defined.

Our signature Aerolite panels are designed to be compatible with a wide range of furniture products. Multiple layers are bonded under high temperature and pressure to give a decorative but durable end product. Being heat, water, termite and impact resistant, Aerolite panels are durable and easy to clean.

Aerolite panel is ideally suited with our high quality products, such as Bi-fold doors, sliding doors, swing doors and cabinets. Explore our full range of colours and finishes variety and create the perfect design scheme for your ultimate dream home.

From modern contemporary to timeless classics, our Aerolite panels are available in a variety of designs that will definitely form a seamless fa├žade with your interior design. As one of the top high pressure laminate (HPL) panels suppliers in Malaysia, Vitally is committed to make sure that our products do the job well and look good at the same time.