Bi Fold King

Bi Fold King
230B-BI-FOLD-KING-AIR-200x150 Bi Fold King
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Bi Fold King
Quality Where You Need It Everyday.

Houses aesthetic could be affected by the look and style of the door installed. Try doors that speak safety as well as trend. BI-FOLD KING, your one and only choice!

Our Bi-Fold King is a wonderful mixture of style and function. The special designed suspended roller has been proven with TUV's durability test. Taken 13.7 times as daily open-close average, surprisingly, Bi-Fold King could stand for 20 years.


Bi-Fold King Common Features :

  1. Frame Colour : Sandblast White / Sandblast Grey
  2. PATENTED Detachable Top Track
  3. Handle allowing ventilation
  4. Comes with TOP & SIDE D.I.Y. Nut for easy installation
  5. TUV-tested & proven: 150,000 times opening & closing cycle test
  6. Door withstand up to 40kgs


Bi-Fold King ® Air

  1. Trackless (barrier-free pathway)
  2. Reduce cleaning hassle
  3. U-shape Quad Suspended Roller


Bi-Fold King ® Pro

  1. U-shape Quad Suspended Roller
  2. Comes with Cloth Hanger


Looking for more technical details at Bi-Fold Series Issue 02 & graphic code at Eco Art Panel Vol.5.


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