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We at Vitally are a leading supplier and developer of aluminuim and eco art panel home products. We have been designing unique works of arts like beautifully embossed

bi-fold doors and aluminium cabinets

for use in bathrooms and kitchens since 1993. We help the discerning homeowner make his home very aesthetically appealing and a place which reflects his personal touch.

A homeowner takes great pain and efforts to include a part of his personality, his preferences and choices in every room of his home. Owning a new home is not just constructing the most well built and sturdy house with the best raw materials and with the appropriate number of rooms. “A home is where the heart is”, and the homeowner invests his valuable time in designing each the every room of the house, doing up the interiors, choosing the color of the walls, the furniture and also the design and texture of the upholstery.

Our home products have a rustic charm about them and they are modern yet comtempBorary in appearance. We design home products which help enrich the lifestyle of the homeowner. We at Vitally design the most high quality aluminium products and are constantly updating our products based on the changing tastes and preferences of consumers.

We at Vitally understand your need for privacy inside the bathroom and we respect your need for an aesthetically designed bathroom. A bathroom can only be your place of solace if you feel comfortable inside of it and if you like your surroundings. We at Vitally offer Aluminum Bi Fold Doors for shower cabinet area and any partitions in the bathroom. The Eco Art Panel fits perfectly into your lifestyle with our bathroom products like

bi-fold doors, doorframes, door panels, aluminum cabinets

and many other such products.

We believe in a Green World and we want to design he most eco-friendly home for you, which being more than functional is a treat for the eyes.